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Service Area: Check us out. Fremont: http://www.alcostaoverheaddoor.com/fremont-garage-door-replacement-repair/ Hayward: http://www.alcostaoverheaddoor.com/hayward-garage-door-repair/ ‎ San Leandro: http://www.alcostaoverheaddoor.com/san-leandro-garage-door-replacement/ Berkeley:... Read More »

San Lorenzo Garage Door Replacement

1974 was more than 40 years ago. What’s happened in your life since then? We’d imagine some major changes have occurred during that span. Alcosta Overhead Door has only been focused on one thing for the past four decades. We’ve remained committed to providing our customers with the best possible garage door services for prices... Read More »

Richmond Garage Door Service

Outstanding service is now at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alcosta Overhead Door is the business that never sleeps. We’ve been servicing clients in Richmond for more than 40 years and we’ve built some really amazing relationships along the way. We’re the company yo/u can trust in the event of... Read More »

Berkeley Overhead Garage Door

That minor glitch in the way your garage door opens can be the first indication of a major underlying problem. Sadly, many people disregard the warnings due to the inability to afford the astronomical costs of great garage door service. Fortunately, that’s no longer a concern. In fact, Alcosta Overhead Door has been presenting our... Read More »